Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Royal Invite

Check that post box: the Royal Wedding invitations are in the post. While ours hasn't arrived yet, we saw a sneak peak online and sadly felt slightly let down by the design. Perhaps we were hoping for a bit more of a celebratory is the Royal Wedding invitation after all! Assumingly in accordance to the Royal family's stationery design, the invitation is decorated in gold writing and emblazed with a matching insignia of William's 
grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, in whose name the invitation is sent. The edges of the invitation were beveled and gilded. Regardless of the design, we'll still keep our fingers crossed hoping the invitation is on its way to us soon.


Michael A Hill Illustration said...

I checked my post box this morning besides a Bank Statement and a Pizza delivery flyer no Wedding Invitation. Can't see a map either how are those guests going to find the Abbey, I guess their chauffeurs will know the way??

Romeo + Jules said...

Keep checking Michael, I'm sure it's on it's way! Now if we had a say in the design of the invites, there would have been a glorious map to show the guests the way to the Abbey of course.